We are Sales House and we offer professional sales services.

Who are our clients?

We work with the companies that offer B2B services.

We want to be your Sales Department.

What will be your benefits?

You won’t spend time and money looking for salesmen, interviews and training.

Sales House will be your own sales team with a lot of experience in the B2B market.

We are a young company, with a very ambitious and tenacious sales attitude and a professional team.

We want to know your business, learn your products and sell your services.

What are our services?

Leads & Contacts
You will receive information about qualified leads for your services and contact information about the decision makers in that company.

Cold Call
Our sales team will establish the first contact with your prospects and will get the first presentations meetings for your services and products.

Full Sales
Our sales team will do the entire sales process: looking for leads, establish the presentations, making the presentations, sending the offers and signing the contracts.


Leads & Contacts

This service offers you a detailed list with your potential clients, contact information and the contact person that takes buying decisions for your product and services.

How will we do it?

  • our salesmen will learn details about your company and your products
  • we will identify the company profile that best suits your products and services
  • our sales team will look for information about these potential clients via internet, phone calls, newspapers, networking events etc.
  • we will find who is the key person for your products and services
  • we will put all the information in a document for your company

We can also deliver any additional information about the leads like: overturn, number of employees, number of branches, profit/lost etc.

Cold Call

It gives you the opportunity to obtain a number of business meetings with your potential clients. We will establish the first phone or email contact with your prospects, will present your company and your offer and will try to obtain business meetings for you.

How will we do it?

  • our team will learn about your company and your services
  • if you already have a leads & contacts list our salesmen will call those companies and establish meetings (if you don’t have a leads & contacts list you will have to buy our first level of services)
  • we will make a list with the companies that want to meet with you
  • we will make together a calendar of the meetings

If it is needed we can give you extra information about your potential clients, like: who is the present supplier, satisfaction level, information about competitors etc.

Full Sales

Buying the Full Sales package you will get you direct sales from our sales team according to your commercial policies.

How will we do it?

  • our sales team will learn your products and services, every detail about your company, they will be trained by your people and they will go to 2-3 meetings together with you
  • if you already have the Leads & Contacts and Cold Call services from Sales House, our salesmen will go to the established meetings and will present your solutions and products
  • we will make the offers and will close the contracts

We can provide other post-sales services like: service contract, maintenances contracts, or any other contracts.


Bitstone is a Romanian company specialised in developing high quality software applications and complete web solutions including development and online marketing.

Having more than four years of experience in this field, our professional team is available for providing your business with high technology.

CMC Grup Broker de Asigurare is a private company, authorised by the Insurances Supervivion Commision to offer brokerage services in insurances.

The company was founded in 1999 and their activity leads to a more efficient acquisition of insurance policies and programs of our partners and to a proper liquidation of the possible losses that may appear.

Beck et al. Services is a consulting company, privately held, focused on IT projects and services. With offices in Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Brasil and Singapore, it operates at a international level. Since 1999, acts as a trustworthy partner for its clients. Today, about 80 persons work for our worldwide clients. A thing that they believe in is that only the ones that change, stay. This is the Beck et al. Services story, a story about continous change.


Vis Viridis Consult provides software solutions and technology to manage, automate and speed up your critical business processes, whether it is giving out arenda, buying new land, managing your machinery, or any other farm process.

Their solutions are based on the union between experience in agriculture and software development. Our team is a unique mix of experts in key areas such as agriculture, business-,bank- and process-management, controlling, software programming and IT systems. With the synergy of these skills we developed a suite tailored for your agricultural businness.

The MemoX VP app was made to ease the workload of the people that are working in the financial area.

The purpose of the app is to minimize the time spent on the sites of the public institutions for checking clients and providers of the organisations in order to obtain information regarding: identification info, status (active/inactive, bankruptcy), the VAT registration, the VIES code.

Therefore, the app offers the organisations the possibility to check in real time and without spending much time a full database of clients and providers with which they collaborate.


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